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Pro Atlas Billiards Installation

What distinguishes our service from all others:

1. Factory trained technicians

2. Insured

3. Experience - 50-year track record of excellence

4. Guaranteed work with a quality control department

6. In stock cloth of all colors in Mali or Simonis

7. Rail Rubber replacement supplies in stock

7. All shop repair services available

8. We don't deny any reasonable bonafide competitive quote

Pro Atlas is committed to making your service requirements our chief concern. Once Pro Atlas are dispatched, you will be dealing with billiard table professionals trained and certified to deliver the best experience possible. Billiard table repair or recovering can be an art fully appreciated by the seasoned player, and that is why Pro Atlas guarantees the highest quality installation. Pro Atlas promise to be the most competitive and the most experienced in all pool table service and repair.

Pro Atlas cannot stress the importance of proper care, maintenance and handling of a pool table. Tables can weigh over 900 lbs and stress can cause fractures that move elements in the table basically destroying the planing of the table itself.

You may love and enjoy playing pool and are investing in a table for your home, Pro Atlas encourage you to read our FAQ section and call me with any questions. The right table properly maintained and cared for will last a lifetime and give hours of family fun and entertainment.

Pro Atlas will work on every model of pool table that has been manufactured or hand crafted, and that includes over 10,000 tables so far and i want to bring that experience and knowledge to work for you.

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