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Pro Atlas Testimonials

~David F.

I have been using Pro Atlas Pool Service for about 2 years now. I called for a free estimate on my pool, it was in bad shape. Mark was very polite, he spent the time to get my pool chemicals correct then he told me if I wanted his service how much it would be. Anyone that will fix your problem before he gets the contract has the confidence in his company that it takes to be a success. His prices are fair, his work is outstanding, his customer service is not to be outdone. I do recommend his service to anyone that is looking for great service at a good price. I have really enjoyed not having to do anything but swim in my pool. Thanks Mark!!!!!

~Angela D.

Asked for an estimate for my Pool Intallation. Mark gave me a quote and then did the job immediately.

He was humorous and kind to my Family. We have used Pro Atlas before and would not use another company.

Mark is Very helpful, polite, sorted out the problem, quickly. highly recommended.

~Ronald M.

Thank you so much for the way in which you, Mark and your company (Pro Atlas)have taken care of our pool since the beginning of this year. We are delighted that our 10 year old pool looks better now than it ever did. A major reason for your success is no doubt your personal involvement and follow-up when an equipment issue arises with the pool. We are also very impressed with the expertise, and helpfulness of the specialists you have sent to us from time to time, to tend to such issues.
We appreciate your most efficient, professional and service oriented organization.

~Steve O.

As a 15 year plus resident of Marietta Georgia, "Hire Standards" is quite simply the best pool service we have ever had!
Winter, summer, spring or fall our pool is always glorious. FYI it's an old pool circa 198s0's so it is not so easy to keep sparking. Over the years we have used 5 different pool maintenance providers and no one has even come close to giving us the quality of service your organization offers. Your people are on time, know what they are doing, are careful with our property and your rates are competitive.

~Cindy L.

We hired Pro Atlas about two years ago to maintain our pool, and have been using them ever since. Mark come by every week like clockwork to inspect, and clean our pool. A few times we have had issues with our heater or other equipment and they notified us immediately, and got right on top of the repairs. They also made it easy to replace parts with our Jandy manufacturer. When I have asked, they made special arrangements for us when we really needed the pool ready for a party. All in all, I would easily recommend Pro Atlas to my friends and family.

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